Paleobotany: the Biology and Evolution of Fossil Plants

Full Title: "Paleobotany: the biology and evolution of fossil plants"

Authors: Taylor, T. N., Taylor, E. L. and Krings, M.

Year: 2008

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0123739721

This is the long awaited revision of the classic palaeobotany text book that now inlcudes 1230 pages, 2200 illustrations of which the majority are in colour, more than 5000 references, an extensive glossary of terms and full indexing. This is destined to be a best seller within palaeobotany, and congratulations to the authors on producing such an impressive volume. Copies availbale online from and

Revision Request:

Dear Colleagues:

If you have a copy of our book Paleobotany: The Biology and Evolution of Fossil Plants by Tom Taylor, Edie Taylor, and Michael Krings (Academic Press, 2009) the authors have a favor to ask.  In anticipation of a second print run, the authors would like to pick up any typos, etc. that you might have found while reading.  If you could send these in an e-mail message to Tom Taylor, that would be most appreciated.

Thanks for your help. Tom, Edie, and Michael

1st May 2009.

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