2009. Present and Future of Paleobotany in SW Europe in honour of Robert H. Wagner


Present and Future of the Paleobotany in SW Europe in honour of Robert H. Wagner

(16th International O.F.P. Meeting)

9-11th September 2009 (Aguilar de Campoo)

Present and future of Palaeobotany in Southwest Europe is an international congress focussing on a wide spectrum of palaeobotanical and palynological topics related to the Southwest European region, with collaboration and support of the OFP (Organization of French-speaking Palaeobotanists). The occasion marks the celebration of the research career of Dr. R.H. Wagner who has contributed a lifetimes research to the Upper Carboniferous of the Northern of Spain. The symposium will run for a period of three days at the Monastery of Santa María la Real in Aguilar de Campoo (NE Spain) including a fieldtrip to Carboniferous fossil sites.

Contributions (talks and poster presentations) to all aspects of the study of Paleobotany of all geological periods are welcome.

For further information and for registration details, see the meeting website or contact the meeting organiser José Bienvenido Diez.

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