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Fossil Dicot Wood Names – an annotated list with full bibliography

M. Gregory, I. Poole, E. A. Wheeler. (2009). Fossil dicot wood names – an annotated list with full bibliography. IAWA Journal, Supplement 6. 220pp.

This publication represents the most comprehensive list available for generic and specific names of fossil dicot woods, giving synonyms, geological ages and geographical sources. It is an invaluable resource for palaeobotanists and systematists doing evolutionary, palaeoenvironmental, or palaeogeographic studies. Names are listed by family and include all those that have appeared in print, whether validly published or not, as well as names from unpublished theses.

A valuable feature of this publication is the inclusion of any subsequent changes in taxonomic placement of specimens, with associated cross-referencing under families. In addition to publications with the original diagnosis of a species, references describing additional >specimens of that species are cited. Surveys, keys, and fossil dicot woods of questionable affinity and not assigned generic names but to wood types are also listed. A bibliography of more than 1300 references accompanies this annotated list with over 3300 entries.

Find a PDF of the document here

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