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Introduction to Plant Fossils

Full Title: “Introduction to plant fossils”

Authors: Christopher J. Cleal & Barry A. Thomas

Year: 2009

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-0-521-88715-1 (hardback), 978-0-521-71512-6 (paperback)

This book provides a practical introduction to the study of plant fossils, and is especially written for those who have had little previous experience of this type of palaeontology.  It should prove particularly useful to students of introductory or intermediate courses in palaeobotany, palaeontology and plant evolution, and a valuable resource for amateurs looking for help in identifying and studying plant fossils.

 The illustrated text summarises the main groups of plants that occur as fossils and explains how best to investigate them. It provides useful guidance about modern research techniques that reveal hidden details of anatomical and reproductive characteristics, and of the kinds of features that are used to identify the most commonly-found plant fossils.  The main approaches for interpreting fossil plants are discussed, and the book highlights how such methods can be employed by the palaeobotanist to increase our knowledge of plant evolution, palaeoecology, palaeogeography and stratigraphy. Introduction to plant fossils