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Announcement of New addition to Holocene Climate & Environment

Dr. Navnith Kumaran (former Emeritus Scientist of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi and a retired Senior Scientist of Agharkar Research Institute, Pune, India) and Dr. Damodaran Padmalal (Senior Scientist in the National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS) under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India) edited the book ‘Holocene Climate Change and Environment’ with their abundant research expertise as they worked over the past several decades in the field of palaeoclimatic study by using mullti-proxy data.

The declared scope of the book is to compile the interdisciplinary research database on Holocene climate change from environmentally and geologically diverse regions across the Indian subcontinent which include detailed case studies of methods, data and human-environment impacts allowing for applications in climate modelling and global prediction.

Authors categorized the entire content of the book in three sections – 1. Climate Change; 2. Monsson Variability; and 3. Environmental Changes by distributing in 33 chapters.

The first section includes Holocene climate change events at different time intervals based on high-resolution, multi-proxy records and other physical tools from all regions of India. The second section covers review-based records on Monsoon variability in Indian sub-continent from both marine and continental archives of biological and isotopic proxies.  Section 3 deals with the Holocene environmental changes by reviewing history of coastline, fluvial system, wetlands, landforms, vegetation and ecosystem. Record of Geoarchaeology, Trace metal geochemistry, Magnetic minerology, Luminescence dating, Remote sensing and GIS based study have added a new dimension toward understanding the Holocene glacial retreats evolution of coastal landforms, landscape dynamics and human evolution. Finally in the last chapter, the authors stated the advancement of Holocene studies in global perspectives.

With all perspectives, it can be said that the book definitely is a valuable record and useful reference for all those working in Climate Science and Earth Science including Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards.

Book Name: Holocene Climate Change and Environment 1st Edition

Editors: Navnith Kumaran and Damodaran Padmalal

ISBN: 978-0-323-90085-0

Language: English

Imprint: Elsevier

Published: 21st September 2021

Page count: 691


Sudha Gupta

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Pteridology-Palaeobotany Section
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